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A self-proclaimed short-story month

So I recently got this book from Dzanc Books called Short Story Month: A Collection of Essays and Reviews on the Art of the Story . It’s got nice, tidy, tiny pieces on different stories, both classic and contemporary (mostly the latter). One of its boons is that it really opens up short story venues for you (at least for me). I had no idea about One Story , for instance, but how can you not love the idea? Well, in order to pay homage to the short story form in general (my take has changed quite a bit since I last wrote about short story collections ), and because I’ve been reading a bunch of short stories lately, I’ve decided to set myself up for a challenge: during the month of August, I’ll be writing a short entry every day about a single short story. In order to avoid nagging, I’ll try to stick to short stories I generally like. We’ll see how it goes from there. So, the blog is unsuspended (for now). PS: If you haven’t gotten your hands on McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern 31, man, y