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Voy a dejar el blog en suspenso por un tiempo. Espero volver pronto. Se me ocurre recomendar un detalle: el escritor Luis López Nieves, en su (visitadísima) página Ciudad Seva , permite suscribirse a una lista para recibir un cuento semanal. No es una mala idea. La página está aquí . *** This blog will now go into remission. I hope to put up new posts shortly, but I’m starting work on a new novel, and that will take up the spare time from other duties. Before I go, if you haven’t already, be sure to read Donald Barthelme’s wonderful (and tiny) short story “The School,” available here . UPDATE (10 June 2009): Following Javier Moreno’s hint (I had missed the story when it first came out last year in The New Yorker ), I read Wells Tower’s story “Leopard.” Mind you, Wells Tower is all the rage now. The story does deserve at least some of the attention Tower’s anthology has received. The pace is good. The second-person narrative flows well. The main character, an eleven-year old, is convi